Sunday 25 February 2024
at 5:00 pm – Gottarelli Foundation Hall - "I colori ...

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Wednesday 13 March 2024
at 9:00 pm – Gottarelli Foundation Hall – “Imola Medals: ...

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"In a single glance"

Meeting at the Foundation ..

The colors and the music

  Concert to remember Tonino Gottarelli

With the appointment on Sunday 25 February at 5 pm in the hall of the Gottarelli Foundation we want to commemorate the 17 years since the death of its founder, Tonino Gottarelli with a concert entitled "The colors and the music", performed by Tonino Zanelli (guitar) and Cavina Giustino (accordion).
Imola has a heart full of memories, Gottarelli was born in 1920 on a back alley in a where two bicycles crossed. He had a deep bond with the land of origin that is found in almost all his paintings and stories. Enough to go away from the city and walk along the streets leading to the hills around Imola that immediately it opens our eyes that wonderful world full of magic, life and habits reproduced on many canvases that moves the soul with their scenic dynamism. The creative world of Gottarelli is dense and full of recognizable elements precisely describing the beautiful scenery with the most beautiful poetic language. He loved to walk or bike to the hills of Imola to scrutinize the sensations of the places, the endless laws of nature transforming them in the inner strength to tell stories, turned into writing or painting, due to the approach of words or colors. His literary work or paintings open a large space over the infinite and leads us in an endless vacation or inside the madness of the reader or the viewer to see the harmonious game of the party. And then, his figurative art is nothing but a workshop and his literary art prints, a silent painting.
With the concert of Sunday, February 25th everyone will try to remember and to review his portrait as an artist or friend. The music takes on the character and the prestige of an imaginary soundtrack or if we want, a symbiosis of sound and color.