Wednesday 30 January 2019
at 09.00 pm –Gottarelli Foundation– “The Wonders of the Planet ...

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Saturday 16 February 2019
at 05.00 pm – “Interplaying, from Impressionism to Improvisation” – ...

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"In a single glance"

Meeting at the Foundation ..

The Wonders of the Planet and the Philosophical Consciousness

  Conference by prof. Vittorio Riguzzi

The first appointment of our rich calendar of 2019 is with the philosophical conscience conference of prof. Vittorio Riguzzi. This event will be held Wednesday, January 30, 2019 at 09.00 pm in the hall of the Gottarelli Foundation, Via Caterina Sforza 13 in Imola.
When we speak of "collective consciousness" we think of the awareness of our condition as a human species, of a fair global economy, of the themes of ecology, of the essential uselessness of any war. But because these are not just words in the wind, often very general or veiled with rhetoric, it is necessary to start from the individual experience with which we look at the visible and invisible forms around us, to understand how reality tunes with our perceptions to build the ethical and aesthetic experience of the world. The "philosophical" conscience is nothing than the inner space in which it is possible to rediscover the meaning of our presence in the whole and of our destiny. To do this it is necessary to have a clear knowledge of the wonders of our planet: those natural beauties that never cease to amaze, the secrets of civilization of the past, sources of continuous revelation, the story of history and the mystery of time. From the sensations of colours on Earth to the forms of light, sound and gravity, one can understand the symbolic meaning of the geometrical figures present in nature and the importance they play in the construction of reality. Thus, the bridge between the individual and the universe becomes an exciting journey into cognitive science and history through geological, architectural and natural scenarios.

Interplaying, from Impressionism to Improvisation

  Concert to remember Tonino Gottarelli

With the appointment of Saturday 16 February 2019, at 05,00 pm in the Auditorium of the Vassura Baroncini Music School, via F.lli Bandiera 19 in Imola, the Fondazione Centro Studi Tonino Gottarelli in collaboration with the aforementioned School wants to remember the twelve years since the passing away of its founder Tonino Gottarelli, with a concert entitled "Interplaying, from Impressionism to Improvisation", interpreted by the STANDARDTRIO group.
Tonino Gottarelli a writer, a poet, a painter but also and above all a person endowed with great human and intellectual talent, loved music, as a pleasant way of spending time to the point that he particularly felt the desire to expand his experience as an artist. It can however be said that, in our case, poetry, painting and music come together, a miscellanea to be lived. And here's what Gottarelli writes in the story "A beautiful awakening" taken from the unpublished book "Le parole" (Words): "It's eight o'clock. I am unmade, worn out in the light of the week almost with disgust, but I can build reality on the street, to put myself back in force that is coming back like a winter shrub. I walk on the mirrors, I move musically in the puddles. For the first time I gave intelligence to these little masterpieces of the storm. Myself in the world of reflections. " Therefore an evening dedicated to Tonino Gottarelli which will host the audience wrapped in music, the protagonist of the event.
The group that performs is the most classical out of all jazz bands, which offers the cesenatic vocalist, Monica Montanari, the opportunity to explore the atmospheres present in the great repertoire of jazz, ranging from the dreamy character of sinuous ballads to the expressive urgency of the most snappy sounds. The Montanari meeting with three expert musicians such as Daniele Sabatani, Alessandro Gusella and Gianluca Ravaglia, offers listeners a multifaceted soundscape, through lively dialogues between the instruments and a narrative thread always respectful of the essence of each song. A plot taken from the always effective arrangements proposed by the Quartet to allow the band to reveal the flavor of the songs, the story sedimented in every note thanks to the many interpretations offered by the great jazz singers but, at the same time, always original to emphasize a personal point of view and to accommodate the improvisations of the four musicians in a fluid way.
The band: