Saturday 27 August 2022
Tonino Gottarelli's exhibition ...

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Wednesday 05 October 2022
at 9 pm - Gottarelli Foundation hall- “The water garden” - ...

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"In a single glance"

Meeting at the Foundation ..


  From 27 August to 11 September 2022 - - Salannunziata - Imola

Tonino Gottarelli's exhibition entitled: "Living art" will be inaugurated on Saturday 27 August 2022 at 6 pm in the Salannunziata premises.
In 2022, 15 years have passed since the death of Tonino Gottarelli and 20 years since the creation of the Foundation he wanted. The event, in collaboration with the Department of Culture of the City of Imola, pays homage to the most intense moment of Gottarelli's artistic production which includes snowfalls, the landscapes of our hills, roads and traffic signs, sunsets, flowers and still life all centred on periods of greater chromatic vigour.
Tonino Gottarelli's exhibition aims to represent a reference event for the City of Imola as art has always been a tool capable of promoting and enriching a territory.
After the great exhibition "The colour of the soul" hosted in the Quadriporticus of the Museum of San Domenico and curated by Claudio Spadoni, in September 2017, this exhibition will once again offer the opportunity to confront the lyrical storyteller of still life and landscapes characterized by an intense expressionism that sometimes leads to abstraction and the informal.
Inside the hall there will be two showcases that host Gottarelli's literary activity ranging from 1942 to 1995 with 16 volumes that collect short stories, poems and essays-philosophical reflections and some catalogues of the various most important exhibitions. There will be one more opportunity to admire the multifaceted talent of a well-rounded artist.
Vittorio Sgarbi in 1986 already spoke of Gottarelli as a "distinguished artist with the severe aspect of the ancient philosopher and with the free spirit of the young bohemian who is a writer and painter by" trade".
“For me it is easier to paint than to write and I usually prefer to express an emotion through painting – Gottarelli used to say -. I paint with extreme immediacy and I could compare myself to those writers capable of writing fifty pages in two or three hours without ever stopping". There is no coincidence that the presentation by Claudio Spadoni, curator of the 2017 exhibition, opened in an emblematic way with the two souls - painting and poetry - of the master from Imola.
The review is part of the Imola in Musica 2022 program and is also part of the cultural events promoted by the Tonino Gottarelli Study Centre Foundation created by Gottarelli in life in 2002. Today the Gottarelli Foundation is a reference point for the city with the creation of events ranging from music to theatre but above all it aims to continue the path traced by the Imola artist in strengthening the love for culture, fostering dialogue between arts, giving continuity to the values on which belonging and identity merge. All these elements intertwine, identify and converge in the work of Gottarelli and the Foundation, born from the generous will of the artist to preserve and transmit his teaching as a painter, poet and philosopher represents a meeting place and discussion on the issues that Gottarelli would have loved to address.

Information for the public:
Author: Tonino Gottarelli
Title: Living art
Curator: Valter Galavotti
Address: Salannunziata - Via Flii Bandiera 17 - Imola
Duration: 27 August - 11 September 2022
Inauguration: 27 August at 6 pm
Hours: Tuesday to Sunday 10am/12am – 4pm/7pm
Free entry
Tel: +39.0542.24487; +39.3394767555