Saturday 15 June 2019
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"In a single glance"

Meeting at the Foundation ..

Interplaying, from Impressionism to Improvisation

  Concert to remember Tonino Gottarelli

With the appointment of Saturday 16 February 2019, at 05,00 pm in the Auditorium of the Vassura Baroncini Music School, via F.lli Bandiera 19 in Imola, the Fondazione Centro Studi Tonino Gottarelli in collaboration with the aforementioned School wants to remember the twelve years since the passing away of its founder Tonino Gottarelli, with a concert entitled "Interplaying, from Impressionism to Improvisation", interpreted by the STANDARDTRIO group.
Tonino Gottarelli a writer, a poet, a painter but also and above all a person endowed with great human and intellectual talent, loved music, as a pleasant way of spending time to the point that he particularly felt the desire to expand his experience as an artist. It can however be said that, in our case, poetry, painting and music come together, a miscellanea to be lived. And here's what Gottarelli writes in the story "A beautiful awakening" taken from the unpublished book "Le parole" (Words): "It's eight o'clock. I am unmade, worn out in the light of the week almost with disgust, but I can build reality on the street, to put myself back in force that is coming back like a winter shrub. I walk on the mirrors, I move musically in the puddles. For the first time I gave intelligence to these little masterpieces of the storm. Myself in the world of reflections. " Therefore an evening dedicated to Tonino Gottarelli which will host the audience wrapped in music, the protagonist of the event.
The group that performs is the most classical out of all jazz bands, which offers the cesenatic vocalist, Monica Montanari, the opportunity to explore the atmospheres present in the great repertoire of jazz, ranging from the dreamy character of sinuous ballads to the expressive urgency of the most snappy sounds. The Montanari meeting with three expert musicians such as Daniele Sabatani, Alessandro Gusella and Gianluca Ravaglia, offers listeners a multifaceted soundscape, through lively dialogues between the instruments and a narrative thread always respectful of the essence of each song. A plot taken from the always effective arrangements proposed by the Quartet to allow the band to reveal the flavor of the songs, the story sedimented in every note thanks to the many interpretations offered by the great jazz singers but, at the same time, always original to emphasize a personal point of view and to accommodate the improvisations of the four musicians in a fluid way.
The band:

Conversation with the writer Nevio Spadoni

Wednesday, March 13 at 09.00 pm in the hall of the Gottarelli Foundation, Via Caterina Sforza, 13 in Imola we speak of poetry, but in dialect. Together with Piero Mazzucca, Nevio Spadoni presents the collection of his complete poetic work entitled Poesie (1985- 2017), Il Ponte Vecchio, 2017.
Since almost all his poetic collections were exhausted, Spadoni gathered all his works starting from the first collection Par su cont (Cooperativa Guidarello, 1985), followed by Al voi (with a letter from Giorgio Brberi Squarotti and drawings by Pirro Cuniberti, Ravenna, Longo, 1996), Par tot i virs (Udine, Campanotto, 1989), A caval dalle r Ravenna, Longo, 1991), E 'cr int j oc (with an essay by Luciano Benini Sforza, Ravenna, Edizioni del Girasole, 1994). In 2007 these collections were merged into the volume Cal parl fati in ca (preface by Ezio Raimondi, Rimini, Raffaelli) with the addition of section I ṣgrafegn. The following collections are Un zil fent (with preface by Luciano Benini Sforza, Cesena, Il Vicolo, 2010), Natale (Christmas) (with preface by Alberto Casalboni, Cesena, Il Vicolo, 2011), Nsar, (with preface by Clelia Martignoni, Faloppio, Lieto Colle, 2014). In the Nadl section, in addition to the verses of the Natale plaquette, some texts taken from previous collections or published in periodicals were inserted. The volume concludes with the unpublished Agli mbar e I mur.

"Leonardo and nature" - Cycle of lectures dedicated to Leonardo da Vinci

  Conversation with images by Prof. Pietro Lenzini

Wednesday, May 15, 2019 at 09.00 pm in the hall of the Gottarelli Foundation, Via C. Sforza 13 in Imola there will be held the second meeting of the cycle dedicated to Leonardo da Vinci entitled "Leonardo and nature" by Pietro Lenzini.
When attempting to give an overview, and even summary and approximate, of the thinking of Leonardo da Vinci, one cannot but be impressed by the fact that he didnt publish anything of his experiences, meditations and inventions, which he did not have around him, a cultural environment in which it spreads his methods and results, but only some very rare devoted pupil, like Francesco Melzi.
In the multifaceted activity of Leonardo in which, art, science and investigation on the phenomena of reality, the specificity of his artistic work is based and in particular on the brilliant idea of a "natura naturans". Leonardo wanted universal knowledge in order to portray nature, or reality; for this reason he investigated with passion the most varied fields of knowledge, optics, hydraulics, music, architecture, anatomy, through the points of view of experience and mathematics, consulting the works of the ancients and his contemporaries, but without ever being concerned to modify or refuse their teachings. The earth, our body, our passions, the difficult theater on which history celebrates its rites with greatness or ferocity: this is the "matter" that Leonardo entrusted to his manuscripts. He made no difference between science and art. The context in which the phenomena occur and take place in their image, whether they are landscapes, places or psychological motions of the soul, constitute the stimulating field of investigation of the artist; under his piercing eye everything transforms itself starting from space, no longer bounded by a linear perspective, but by the novelty of the aerial perspective: an atmosphere that envelops things without delineating them, but fading them, instead, into the light. Leonardo wrote and drew continuously. Of course, he did it to define ideas, but also because he was aware that intuitions are perishes, that life itself must be captured in some way. It must be told not to lose it.

On the wings of the dance

  Show at the Gamma Club Imola dance school

With the event "On the wings of dance" the Gottarelli Foundation presents its last appointment, before the summer break, which will take place on Saturday 15 June 2019 at 09.00 pm in the Parco Verziere delle Monache Via Caterina Sforza, 5 in Imola (adjacent to the Foundation) .
The program of the evening ranges over various kinds of dance, presented by the Gamma Club Imola dance school, different from each other, with the aim of offering to the audience the possibility of quality entertainment during the summer. The Gamma Club Imola was born in our city in 1979 from the passion for the dance of Marina Racchetti and Jader Liverani, a couple both in life and on stage. With the aim of creating a group where young people could learn dancing while having fun, they created the Gamma Club, which name "Gamma" was chosen to indicate the wide variety of dancing genres that were taught and then presented both in the competitions and in the shows.
Inserted in the UISP circuit, it immediately starts to participate in regional, Italian and foreign competitions; in these years the Gamma group excelled in the disciplines of Boogie-Woogie, Twist and Rock'n Roll. Over the years, the group has adjusted the number of courses, increasing both in the number of participants and the disciplines taught. Always under the watchful eye of the two founders, Marina and Jader, the Gamma becomes a pillar of the Imola dance, having as its peculiar characteristic the attention to the artistic aspect understood as expressive and communicative of movement and dance.
Year after year the Gamma is reconfirmed to the contest winning titles and prizes of Italian Champions in various events. During the summer, the dance school performs in many shows in various theaters of Italy and abroad. Today, the Gamma Club Imola a.s.d. is still present with the same passion with which it was founded and as a dance school offers many courses, to become a large family, in which children and teenagers in addition to the dance steps are taught the values on which it was founded: those of aggregation, friendship, sharing, unity, teamwork, respect. The president Cristina Valli, who has been part of the group for over 30 years, represents and coordinates the activities of the Gamma Club in an excellent way. With the aim of deepening themes that enrich personal and motor skills, the school always proposes new dance subjects: classical and contemporary dance, Hip Hop, Break Dance, Disco Dance, GiocoDance, CreoDanza, Liscio and the whole group of agonism that continues beyond the study with national competitions.
We can therefore state that, the Gamma Club Imola is not only the authentic expression of an artistic activity, but also a school of life and aggregation much appreciated by students and the public.