Saturday 07 September 2019
at 09.00 pm – Verziere delle Monache Park, Via C. ...

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Wednesday 02 October 2019
at 9.00 pm – Gottarelli Foundation hall, Via C. Sforza ...

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"In a single glance"

Meeting at the Foundation ..

TI.MI.DA in concert

  Daniela Peroni voclas, Mirko Guerra guitar Tiziano Negrello double bass

The Gottarelli Foundation opens its doors after the summer break with the first appointment scheduled for Saturday 7 September 2019 at 9 pm in the Verziere Monache Park, Via Caterina Sforza 5 in Imola, entitled “TI.MI.DA. in concert". There will be a musical journey that will give life to a concert with a pleasant and interesting repertoire. The trio, formed by Daniela Peroni voclas, Mirko Guerra guitar Tiziano Negrello double bass will play the great Italian classics and international standards in jazz. Daniela Peroni, a professional, who has been performing as a child in the Laudate Dominum choir directed by her mother Rosa, is a well-known face of musical Romagna, a splendid voice able to range between many different genres (pop, soul, jazz, r & b only to mention a few) and engaged in numerous activities making her to deal with different roles, all united by a common thread: the great joy she expresses through her art. With their vast repertoire, the trio will guide the audience on a magical musical evening with a unique flavour through some of the most beautiful and well-known songs of all time. Entrance free of charge.

"Everyone with their own nest"

  Conversation through images with Dr. Ivano Avoni

The meeting on Wednesday 2 October at 09.00 pm, in the hall of the Gottarelli Foundation, Via Caterina Sforza 13 in Imola, is entitled "Everyone with their own nest". Dr. Ivano Avoni will tell us through pictures and will take us into the fascinating world of the shapes and places of bird nests.
He is a veterinarian by profession and a naturalist by passion. He has countless initiatives to support winged fauna. A real professional, but before that he is an enthusiastic and attentive protector of the natural world that survives in our urban environments. However, it is important to learn to recognize the different species of birds and their habits, because only in this way will it be possible to make suitable nests and good food available. Birds could not live without trees, and surely many trees would also have difficulty without the "work" of birds: just think of the Jay, which propagates the oaks, literally sowing them. Each species has its own nest, from the extraordinary one of the penduline, a true masterpiece of engineering and balancing, to the most classic nests of the swallow. Not all birds build their nests on tree branches. Many species, for example, do it in the bushes. Others exploit the sheltered fronds, others still build their nests in the crevices and in the natural cavities of the trunks, such as, for example, the starling and the great spotted woodpecker. The swallow prefers to build its nest near human houses, inside houses and stables. The kingfisher, instead, uses holes dug in the sandy walls, while species such as the lapwing and the lark, prefer to make the nests on the ground. While there are species that specialize in building exceptional nests, there are others that just don't nest. Like the peregrine falcon, who prefers to lay eggs on steep cliffs, difficult to reach for possible predators.
Of all this wonderful world and so much more dr. Avoni will speak to us by the help of images. He will explain to us and reveal all the secrets about bird nests and how, through the shapes of their nests, the birds tell a very special story of evolution, which changes from species to species, often surprisingly.
The evening will be stimulating and interesting also for the presence of the nests that dr. Avoni will bring personally.

Writers in the kitchen

  Conversation with images by Fabrizia Fiumi

Wednesday November 13, 2019 09.00 pm - Gottarelli Foundation hall, Via C. Sforza 13 - Imola
Cooking, food and recipes are an integral part of our culture and are inseparably linked to the Italian language. Literature offers us countless ideas and real literary menus.
Inspired by the theme of Bacchanal 2019 "The taste of memories" the meeting on Wednesday November, 13 at 09.00 pm, promoted by the Gottarelli Foundation and Fabrizia Fiumi, enriched by readings of the Bardur Cultural Association, aims to tell us about the kitchen of writers, prose writers and poets, who have entered the kitchens and have set stories, flavors and memories on paper. The relationship between literature and food is strong and timeless. From the banquets of Homeric poems, literature has often ventured into kitchens, recording stories and menus, memories and flavors, preparations and eating habits. The relationship between literature and food is strong over time and original in our region. We will therefore propose an Emilia-Romagna route with some of our writers, from Ariosto to Carducci, Pascoli, the classics, to contemporaries such as Guareschi, Tonino Guerra and others, without forgetting the great gastronomists Pellegrino Artusi and Olindo Guerrini. whose recipes are true artistic prose. The link between cuisine and literature is well established, but above all because food is often, very often, a companion to our events and vicissitudes. We conclude by saying that today is an example of how food has a fundamental role not only in the dynamics of globalization at the business level, but how it has played and plays an important historical role in deepening the mutual knowledge between one world and another, between one nation and another.

Music in Arts

  Classical guitar concert performed by Stefano Savini

For the last event of the year, before the Christmas holidays, the Gottarelli Foundation proposes a suggestive classical guitar concert entitled "Musica nell'Arte" performed by Stefano Savini on Saturday, December 7, 2019 at 9.00 pm in its hall in Via Caterina Sforza 13 in Imola.
Refined classical guitarist always appreciated in Italy and abroad, Stefano Savini, a regular researcher of his own stylistic and musical language, stands out for his strong lyrical imprint, for his captivating performance and stage ability and for a clean technique and rigorous execution, always at the service of his compositions. The program that Savini presents is truly fascinating, aimed at exploring significant aspects of guitar literature, relying on harmonic-timbre richness. A historical and evolutionary path of the guitar with the performance and listening to the music of the most significant periods and how classical guitar music entered our everyday life.
Stefano Savini: guitar and composition.
A guitarist and a composer, graduated in Classical Guitar, Jazz Music and graduated in the 2nd level Advanced Biennium in Jazz Guitar at the Bologna Conservatory. He studied composition and counterpoint. He specialized in classical guitar with: Eduardo Fernadez, Stefano Grondona, Claudio Marcotulli, Andrea Dieci, and in jazz guitar with: Jim Hall, Kevin Eubank and Pat Metheny. A multifaceted musician, he had various professional musical experiences with a concert activity that led him to work in the last decades especially in jazz, performing in various theatres, festivals and international exhibitions both as performer and composer: Umbria Jazz, Crossroads, EmiliaRomagna Festival, 6th European Clarinet Festival, etc. For years he has created his own original musical style with a deep personality recognized by specialized critics (Jazz Music, Jazzit, Suono, Cadence, etc) and by musicians such as Paolo Fresù, Gian Luigi Trovesi, Lew Tabackin. His music was broadcast by broadcasters such as: Sky, Rai3Tv, RadioRai2, RadioRai3, Believe Digital U.S.A. is is also part of the repertoire of various classical music ensembles. He has published various works in his own name for various record labels. He teaches guitar in Bologna and at Middle Schools of Music.