Sunday 19 February 2023

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Wednesday 15 March 2023
at 9 p.m. .– Gottarelli Foundation hall - Giacomo Pozzi ...

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"In a single glance"

Meeting at the Foundation ..


  Concert to remember Tonino Gottarelli

With the appointment of Sunday 19 February 2023 at 5 p.m. in the hall of the Gottarelli Foundation, Via Caterina Sforza 13 in Imola, we want to commemorate the sixteen years since the death of its founder Tonino Gottarelli, with a concert entitled "L'amour ... en Musique", interpreted by the Ensemble Le Rossignol with Paola Tarabusi, flute, Elena Stamera, piano and Lucia Fiorio, dance.
Tonino Gottarelli a man of letters, poet, painter but also and above all a person with great human and intellectual gifts, loved music as a pleasant pastime to the point that he particularly felt the desire to broaden his experience as an artist. However, it can be said that, in our case, poetry, painting and music come together, a mixture to be experienced. And here is what Gottarelli writes in the second volume of the unpublished book Useless Letters: "How many landscapes have I sown to the right and left side of the road, as if I had framed them one by one, mostly scattered houses, which pass behind the post planted with a romantic transit. In less than a kilometer I have seen enough to fill an art exhibition, but the masterpiece often remains outside the galleries. Dulcis in fundo: it is a flight of trees, a temporary insistence, which seems unable to be maintained just as the pink of the evening cannot resist in the water of a river or in a cloud. I began to look at every detail of the leaves, where a beetle and an ant cross each other like on a highway... These hours are for us that change the color of the air, for us who are looking at the sky”
An evening dedicated to Tonino Gottarelli therefore, when the audience, the protagonist of the event, will be enveloped in music and dance.
The evening will start will with women - the Le Rossignol Trio with Paola Tarabusi on flute, Elena Stamera on piano and Lucia Fiorio, dance. The program features immortal pages from the lyric repertoire and opera fantasies with music by Donizetti, Beethoven, Mascagni, Debussy, Bizet, Piazzola and many others.

Variations on Destiny

  Conversation with Guido Giannuzzi e Antonio Castronuovo

On Wednesday 5 April at 9.00 p.m. in the hall of the Gottarelli Foundation, Via Caterina Sforza 13 Imola, the presentation of the book Variations on destiny (ed. Pendragon, 2022) will be held. During the evening, Antonio Castronuovo talks with Guido Giannuzzi, the author of the book, who has caused a stir and a large following especially on social networks.
The twenty stories of Variations on Destiny cross the destinies of great composers of the past (from the 17th to the 20th centuries) with those of lesser-known figures. Through anecdotes - mainly of a non-musical nature, but taken from real life and all historically true - the most intimate essence of the musicians emerges and is revealed, making everything memorable and closer to the reader. The perspective of the narrative is, so to speak, reversed: sin this way the protagonist becomes the lesser-known figure while the famous character remains anonymous, as if one stumbled upon a precise and concrete story by chance, only to be revealed in the epilogue that accompanies each story. The intent, beyond the literary aspect, wants to pursue an idea of dissemination, which can also start from anecdotal: to reduce a complex and difficult subject to simplicity, when you have a deep mastery of it and know how to transmit it even through artifices of an essayistic nature.
Brief description of Guido Giannuzzi
After classical and musical studies in Livorno, he obtained the Diploma of Merit for three consecutive years at the Accademia Chigiana in Siena. He graduated in Modern History at the University of Pisa and in Visual Arts at the University of Bologna.
In 1997 he was a finalist at the ARD International Competition in Munich with the Avant-garde Wind Quintet. Since 1996 he has played in the Orchestra of the Teatro Comunale of Bologna and in 2008, he was one of the founders of the Philharmonic of the Teatro Comunale of Bologna.
Since 2014 he has been editor of «Advances in Historical Studies». Acollaborator of the magazines «Classic Voice» and «Snaporaz», his writings have also appeared in «Psiche», « Nuova Informazione Bibliografica» and «Sinn und Form». He has published: Paul Wittgenstein, the halved pianist (2017), Satie's umbrellas (2018), Invitation to listening Beethoven (2020) and Variations on destiny (2023).
Admission free