Wednesday 19 February 2020
ore 21 sala Fondazione Gottarelli, Via C. Sforza 13 ...

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Wednesday 11 March 2020
at 9.00 pm Gottarelli Foundation hall, Via C. Sforza ...

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"In a single glance"

Meeting at the Foundation ..

Il Fragolone di Imola. Stories of vegetable gardens, markets and festivals

  Conversation with Alessandra Giovannini

After the break on the occasion of the winter holidays, the Gottarelli Foundation begins the new year with important and suggestive appointments that experiment with success and directly involve the participation of attentive public, which appreciate the quality and variety of the proposals and follow the events with interest and enthusiasm, these appointments satisfying the most varied cultural curiosities.
The first appointment of our rich calendar of 2020 is with the writer-journalist Alessandra Giovannini who presents the book "Il Fragolone di Imola. Stories of vegetable gardens, markets and festivals", which is also the title of the event. This event will be held on Wednesday February 19, 2020 at 9 pm in the hall of the Gottarelli Foundation, Via Caterina Sforza 13 in Imola.
A story, that of the Strawberry Festival of Imola, which has its origins from the earth. The land of the "one hundred gardens" where the farmers of Imola grew tomatoes, onions, celery, but above all strawberries which, due to the size of the fruit, have always been called "Fragoloni". The beautiful, red, sweet ones greeted by the sun of the Imola hills and bathed by the waters of the Santerno river that flow in the Canale dei Molini, a millennial work that has surrounded Imola since the Middle Ages. Vegetables and fruit, land and water combined with the proximity to the city, where products were sent to the market daily, have made Imola's gardeners the protagonists in the local production landscape, and beyond. Hence the story of the Strawberry Festival of Imola.