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Wednesday 13 March 2024
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  • Article 1 - Constitution and name
    1. The Foundation named "Tonino Gottarelli Study Center Foundation" has been established
    2. The Foundation is a Private Rights Body
  • Article 2 - Seat

    1. The Foundation is located at no. 20 Via Taddeo della Volpe, Imola, Italy
  • Article 3 - Purposes

    1. The Foundation has non-profit, non-political and non-sectarian purposes
    2. The main purposes of the Foundation focus on public interest (study, education and instruction) and intend in particular:
      1. To preserve the artistic legacy of Tonino Gottarelli;
      2. To spread awareness his work by means of shows, galleries and exhibitions;
      3. To take care of photos, documents and general source materials relating to the painter’s life and artistic career;
    3. The purposes of the Foundation will be pursued according to the intentions expressed by the founder in this Statute deed of partnership and in its rules
    4. For the attainment of its purposes the Foundation may assume initiatives aimed at:
      • - preserving the Artist’s work;
      • - taking care of the collection of books, documents and material of any kind that help to reconstruct the Artist’s development;
      • - carrying out historical studies and research in order to organize shows, conferences, debates or any other event of a cultural nature pertaining to the achievement of the stated aims;
      • - publishing magazines, explanatory booklets, bibliographies and collected documents in general, concerning Tonino Gottarelli’s artistic activity;
      • - establishing study grants or awards so as to stimulate the study and analysis of 20th century art as well as the Artist himself and/or his work;
      • - developing partnerships with central and local administrative bodies, other cultural institutions, associations and/or groups in general, which may be public or private, Italian or foreign.
    5. All the abovementioned activities may be carried out with the aid of electronic or multimedia tools.
    6. In developing the said activities and therefore working towards its aims, the Foundation may:
      • - ask for and use contributions, loans or other financial aid of any kind and nature, either public or private;
      • - draw up agreements, conventions and contracts for services, and assign appointments;
      • - carry out all initiatives and acts, also concerning its patrimony and exhibition of the same, which could be useful and suitable in achieving the aim;
  • Article 4 - Life of the Foundation
    1. The Foundation will exist indefinitely
  • Article 5 - Income and Property
    1. The property of the Foundation consists of:
      1. goods possibly bequeathed or donated, that is to say freely given property in general;
      2. public and private contributions, as well as those devolved by organizations and bodies of any kind;
    2. The Sole Administrator ensures that income and goods assigned to the Foundation alone, are used in accordance with the wishes of the benefactor.
    3. The Foundation will also assign the income from its assets to the achievement of its aims. The Sole Administrator will endeavor to invest this income in the way he judges most reliable and profitable, as well as any other patrimonial incomes or increases however achieved.
    4. The financial year starts on January 1st and ends on December 31st of each year. At the end of any year the balance sheet will be drawn up by the Sole Administrator no later than April 30th of the following year. Under particular and special requirements, the above date may be delayed, although not for any more than two months, according to the Sole Administrator-s discretion.
  • Article 6 - Assignation and allocation of income
    1. Any income from assets will be assigned to establish study grants and awards in favor of students of Art Institutes or Fine Arts Academies who aim to develop study or research activity concerning the life and work of the founder and the evolution of art during his lifetime.
  • Article 7 - Members of the Foundation
    1. The board of the Foundation includes:
      1. the Sole Administrator
      2. the Artistic Director
      3. the Auditor
    2. All of which are honorary, unpaid offices. In the case of resignation, the person in question has to continue in office until the nomination of the substitute/s, which should take place within 120 (one hundred and twenty) days. Such a delay is not to be considered as compulsory.
  • Article 8 - Sole Administrator
    1. The Sole Administrator of the Foundation is designated for the first time in the deed of partnership and he will hold such an office for life excepting his resignation.
    2. In case of the death or resignation of the first Sole Administrator, the successors should be designated by the Founder if still alive, or by the Mayor of Imola, who must be informed about such events by the Artistic Director or by the Auditor. The successive Sole Administrators will hold the office for life too, excepting their resignation.
    3. The Sole Administrator is entrusted with the legal representation and signature of the Foundation in relations with third parties, before the Court and while relating with Public Authorities.
    4. He or she also:
      • - promotes and controls the Foundation activities;
      • - controls the observance of the Statute and decides on its possible modifications if and when necessary;
      • - can designate proxies for the fulfillment of single acts or whole categories of acts.
    5. The Sole Administrator also has the power to govern the body and carry out any act of ordinary or extraordinary administration within the purposes of the Foundation. In particular the Sole administrator can:
      • - decide on the trends of the Foundation’s activities and plan them;
      • - draw up the balance sheet from year to year;
      • - decide whether to accept inheritances, grants, legacies, benefits, contributions and any kind of aid in general;
      • - authorize the Foundation to join societies or other associations as public or private bodies, juridical bodies and persons in general;
      • - make decisions regarding requests for contributions and loans;
      • - designate the Artistic Director;
      • - take care of the regular book-keeping of Administrative Board decisions;
      • - draw up and update the list of subscribing members of the Foundation;
    6. The Sole Administrator may delegate the task of single acts or groups of acts to members inside the Foundation, except statutory modifications and the drawing up of the balance sheet.
  • Article 9 - Auditor
    1. The first Auditor is assigned in the deed of partnership.
    2. The office lasts five-years and is renewable without limits.
    3. In case of death, resignation or expiring of the office of the first Auditor, the successors should be assigned by the Founder, if still alive, or by the Mayor of Imola, who must be informed about such events by the Sole Administrator or the Artistic Director.
    4. The Auditor:
      • - checks the final balance sheet by drawing up a report;
      • - carries out the necessary controls so as to verify the regular financial and administrative trend of the Foundation;
      • - supervises the regular book-keeping, through observance of the statute law.
  • Article 10 - Artistic Director
    1. The Sole Administrator designates the Artistic Director who cooperates with him or her and exercises those functions assigned to him or her by the former. In particular, he or she:
      • - takes care of the production of shows, collections, series and publications;
      • - maintains relations with the information agency and with bodies or public or private national and international agencies with which the Foundation maintains relations for the carrying out of its own purposes.
    2. The Artistic Director will continue in office for life, subject to resignation.
  • Article 11 - Subscribing Members of the Foundation Committee
    1. Anyone who is interested in contributing to the achievement of one or more purposes of the Foundation and means to participate in the activities of the same on any level, can make a written request to join the Subscribing Members Committee of the Foundation.
    2. The request should state the reasons why the applicant wishes to join.
      Actual entry into the Subscribing Members Committee is subject to the favorable opinion of the Artistic Director and the Sole Administrator who will arrange for the newly admitted member to be informed.
    3. The Sole Administrator will draw up and keep the list of Subscribing members of the Foundation and will take care to update it at any new entry.
  • Article 12 - Dissolution
    1. The Foundation dissolves according to those cases provided for by the law.
    2. In case a reason for dissolution should occur, it is necessary to appoint a liquidator, designated by the Mayor of Imola, having all powers of ordinary and extraordinary administration necessary for the dissolution.
    3. Should the Foundation be dissolved, when the liquidator has provided in defining all assets and liabilities of the Foundation, the assets of the same would be assigned to the Municipal District of Imola who would handle them while honoring the Foundation/s aims.
  • Article 13 - Applicable Rules
    1. With regard to anything that has not been included in this Statute, the rules of the Civil Code and all other relevant laws will be applied.
  • Comitato tecnico-scientifico:
    • - Dott. Marilena Pasquali - storico e critico d’arte
    • - Prof. Eugenio Riccomini - critico di Storia dell’Arte
    • - Prof. Pietro Lenzini - docente all’Accademia di Belle Arti di Bologna
    • - Dott. Antonio Castronuovo. scrittore, giornalista, saggista, critico, direttore della rivista “La Piè”, vincitore del Premio Guidarello 2011
    • - Prof. Francesco Giardinazzo - docente all’Università di Bologna
    • - Prof. Fabrizia Fiumi - docente presso l'Istituto Alessandro da Imola
    • - Dott. Mariana Campean - direttore artistico della Fondazione Centro Studi Tonino Gottarelli